Ode to Oscar



Oscar de la Renta.   July 22, 1932 – October 20, 2014.  Image via Pinterest.





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Oscar de la Renta's Spring / Summer 2015 collection

 Spring 2015 via Ann Street Studio

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Spring 2015 via thisisglamorous




Spring 2015 via Pinterest.


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Oscar de la Renta's Spring / Summer 2015 collection

Spring 2015 via Ann Street Studio


Moda Operandi 

“When I started, the woman went to the store to buy a dress. She saw it in pink and red, and then she remembered that the husband, who is probably going to pay for the dress, loves it in pink. So she buys the pink. Today, the same woman goes to the store and remembers the husband likes pink, and she buys the red.”  -ODLR




Oscar de la Renta Spring 2015.  Harper’s Bazaar.

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Images 5-9 Harper’s Bazaar.

Images 10-13 Harper’s Bazaar.

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About Oscar… 

Sneaker Fever

Con 12Image source

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Con 4

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Con 6

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I finally purchased a pair of Converse sneakers after hemming and hawing for well over a year.  I typically find ballet flats to be the chicest run around shoe, but there’s something about the appeal of a sneaker.  I’ve loved sneakers for a long time. After moving beyond Keds, I started with a pair of black and white checked Vans in middle school and then eventually graduated to Diesel sneakers in college. After reading Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, I heavily considered buying a pair of Converse sneakers to wear in Paris, but then decided that I would feel more like myself in my black riding boots. And, the sneakers would look too new to be Paris cool.

As I grow older, I become more practical in my clothing choices, particularly when it comes to shoes. We all need comfy shoes to run around in, especially those of us who regularly pound the pavement of city streets. For a while now, we’ve seen many photos of chic women wearing Converse sneakers. It was only a matter of time before I felt compelled to join them. One particularly influential inspiration was a woman I saw on the street where I live; she was another young mother, dressed in the chicest casual outfit possible: a Tod’s D-bag, Converse sneakers without the laces, jeans, a jacket, and a gray scarf.  These inspiring images that I’ve shared, combined with the idea of having a great shoe to run around in the parks and playgrounds with my son, ultimately made my decision for me.  I believe that the best way to wear a pair of classic sneakers like Converse, is the way that the women pictured above did it:  with a fabulous handbag, typically leather, and chic separates, usually in black.

It was difficult to choose between Converse and Superga sneakers. Supergas have been on my radar long before I started seeing people on the streets wearing them. I ultimately decided that I prefer Converse sneakers in black and Supergas in navy. I still may buy a pair of navy Supergas, depending on what other items inspire me. I have to make sure I stick to my 25 items, after all!

SupergaImage source


I purchased my sneakers at Converse’s Soho store after viewing the Great Gatsby costumes at Prada. The Converse store was a total zoo. I found it a bit humorous that most of the customers were European; it’s nice to know that even Europeans go shopping when they’re on vacation. I understand that a self-service model where the customer places his/her order for sneakers to try on seems efficient, but in terms of quality of service, it’s not the greatest. I tried on every style of low Converse sneakers in black. I had already looked at all of the styles online and I thought that I might go with the sneakers without laces (which looked ridiculous on me) or the Jack Purcells, but I ultimately found that the classic All Stars looked best on me. No matter which pair you choose, there’s no mistaking that sneaks are chic.  And, as I told my husband, “When do I ever buy $50 shoes?”

That’s one of the beautiful things about Converse shoes: pretty much anyone can afford to wear them.  And they work great in a high-low, formal-casual mix of clothing.  A couple of weeks ago I wore them with a plain black long sleeved T, black Genetic Denim skinny jeans, my beloved black Comptoir des Cotonniers jacket I purchased at Galeries Lafayette in Nice, and an equestrian print scarf that was randomly purchased at Urban Outfitters about 4 years ago.

Con 14Image source

The sneakers went from my son’s music class- to brunch- to the park- to coffee- and then home. They were comfortable, and every time I looked down at them, the sight of them gave me pleasure. That’s what all clothing should do.

Do you wear sneakers?  If so, which brand(s)? Do you wear Converse, and if so, what’s your favorite style? What pieces of clothing are giving you pleasure these days?

Gone in a Flash

Miu Miu loafersBarneys

I don’t know how these embellished velvet Miu Miu loafers previously slipped past me, but somehow they did.  Thankfully, a pair caught my attention.  When exiting the subway station on my way to work yesterday, I couldn’t stop staring at the sparkling-like-a-diamond jewel embellished heels of a woman otherwise sporting no adornment.  My eyes followed her heels until they were out of sight.  As luck would have it, this morning while browsing Pinterest,  I stumbled upon this photo of the loafers paired with a chic black tote.

Miu MiuPinterest

My style desires typically don’t include flashy shoes, but maybe that’s why I’m so captivated by these.  The sparkly heels on these loafers would add excitement to any outfit and the sumptuous velvet makes them extra luxurious.

I own a pair of striped cotton smoking loafers, but velvet smoking loafers are still on my list of items to acquire.  This might be the pair.

How do you feel about velvet loafers?  Do you own any?   What’s your take on adding a bit of flash to an outfit?



Sole Mending

Images via LeatherSpa

On the heels of my Building a Wardrobe post on shoes (pun intended), I thought it would be appropriate to post on my recent shoe repair experience.  Don’t worry, I plan to continue my Building a Wardrobe series with an upcoming post on Essential Accessories.

Last week, I picked up my black Christian Louboutin pumps at the West 55th and 5th location of LeatherSpa (The other locations are at Grand Central Terminal and The Plaza.), after finally dropping them off for heel and sole repair.  The shoes had been sidelined in my closet for an embarassingly long number of months.  LeatherSpa is one of two shoe repair services recommended by Christian Louboutin.  I’m certainly no stranger to shoe repair services, but this was my first experience with LeatherSpa.  When I dropped off my shoes for repair, I was offered two options for repairing the partially scuffed signature red soles.  I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but alas, I didn’t.  Check out LeatherSpa’s website for their Before and After examples.  LeatherSpa presented me with two sole repair options: 

1. Have the red soles repainted.  This is the most expensive option and of course will restore the shoe to its original appearance. 

2. Have the red sole partially covered with a durable protective sole cover. 

It wasn’t an easy decision for me, and even though painting the soles is more expensive and not as long lasting as the protective sole, I chose to have the soles painted.

When I picked up my Louboutins, after receiving an email notification that my shoes were ready, the soles were partially covered with protective material!  I showed the sales associate the receipt stating that the soles were to be painted.  She agreed that the soles were supposed to be painted and not covered.  At first I thought I would have LeatherSpa remove the protective cover and repaint the soles, but the thought of having to make another trip to LeatherSpa to pick up the shoes made the idea seem less desirable.  So I told the sales associate that I would just take the shoes as they were, so long as I had the option in the future to have the cover removed and the soles repainted.  She said that this would be possible.  A man neatly dressed in what appeared to be an Italian button down shirt and pants appeared.  He apologized for the mistake, admitted that he did not like the way that things were done, and told me that my repairs would be 50% off.  I appreciated how apologetic the employees were at LeatherSpa and the 50% discount for the mistake.  Instead of my repairs costing $84, they ended up costing $42, even though the mistake did not affect my entire repair bill.  I left the store with my shoes inside one of LeatherSpa’s brown and orange cloth bags with the LeatherSpa insignia printed on it.

In addition to the fine customer service I experienced at LeatherSpa, I couldn’t help but notice that it was a finely run operation.  I’m accustomed to the standard NYC shoe repair store:  a place dingy with shoe polish, overflowing with shoes that are sometimes contained in grocery store plastic bags, and manned intermittently by the same person who repairs the shoes.  At LeatherSpa, the appearance is pristine.  It looks more like a boutique than a shoe repair business.  The employees are dressed in crisp uniforms of brown polo shirts and black pants and the shoes, which are repaired at a separate repair facility, are stored out of sight.  I wouldn’t use LeatherSpa for every pair of shoes I own, as I believe their prices tend to be higher than the norm.  I recommend finding an excellent local shoe repair shop.  Repairs can extend the life of your shoes and make your money go further.  I also hold this belief when it comes to handbags.  The piping is often the first place where a leather handbag will show wear and tear, and this area can be fixed easily by a quality shoe/leather repair shop.  When I picked up my shoes at LeatherSpa, I actually ran into a friend of mine who was having a handbag repaired.

For special items, such as Louboutins, or complicated repairs, I highly recommend the services at LeatherSpa.  Even if you don’t live in the NYC area, you can mail your items to LeatherSpa’s repair facility in Long Island City.

Do you have a good shoe repair place?  Have you tried LeatherSpa?  Any thoughts or experiences regarding the Louboutin sole repair dilemma?