Are You Gonna Go My Way?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (and just in case you still need to buy someone a gift), I’ve rounded up some of my favorite arrow jewelry.  You may have noticed that my Valentine’s Day gift post included a couple of arrow items, like these.

Arrows have been appearing with frequency in jewelry design these days, and I first started noticing them in December, when my best friend gifted me with an amazing silver arrow bracelet.  It’s the perfect piece.  It’s something different from the other pieces of jewelry I own, a bit edgy, and a piece I would have picked for myself.  Since receiving this bracelet, I’ve been eyeing other arrow items to add to my collection.  The clean, graphic impact of an arrow appeals to me.



Anita Ko earring.  Matching necklace here.Way1






Way3Maya Brenner.  Similar from Jennifer Zeuner.


Eva Fehren


Delfina Delettrez



Delfina Delettrez

So, are you gonna go my way and pick up a piece of arrow jewelry?  What type of jewelry are you eyeing these days?

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